About Us

More about Plastilon and how we started

Plastilon Packaging had a very small and humble start in the back room of an estate agency in Lynnwood, Pretoria in 1973, by husband-and-wife team Ben & Lyn de Wet.

The initial product range was plastic bags in the form of butcher bags and carry bags, with a few customers buying customised printed bags.

However, Ben realised very soon that variety was essential and started expanding the range.

Today – 40 years later – Plastilon offers an exciting product range of more than 3 000 items!

Plastilon at present

  • Plastilon has three wholesale warehouses in Pretoria and one in Swakopmund, Namibia
  • Plastilon is managed by the second generation of De Wets assisted by a management team consisting of Jaco Botha (Director), Jan Gertenbach (Branch Manager: Silver Lakes), Jolene Fowlds (Branch Manager: Rietfontein) and Leon Smith (Branch Manager Centurion)

40 Years Experience in the packaging industry.

Plastilon offers an exciting product range of more than 3 000 items!

3 Wholesale warehouses in Pretoria & 1 in Namibia.

Our Team

Werner de Wet

Managing Director

E-Mail: werner@plastilon.co.za

Jackie de Wet

Financial Director

E-Mail: jackie@plastilon.co.za

Leon Smith

General Manager

E-Mail: leon@plastilon.co.za

Services We Offer

We service a wide range of industries and economic sectors that include:

Small packaging businesses

Manufacturing Industry
Large Transport Companies
Hardware, Construction & General retail stores

Food, Hospitality & Vacuum packaging businesses
Domestic Client Market &
Walk-in Clients

Our Experience

There is no substitute for experience, and Plastilon has 40 years of this invaluable asset in the packaging industry.

We have the experience and expertise to offer professional advice on all packaging-related products, methods and pricing.